Why use lithium-ion battery?

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Why use lithium-ion battery?
Compared with traditional battery technology, lithium-ion battery charging faster, more durable, and higher power density can achieve longer battery life, while the stature is more lightweight. If you know how the battery works, they can work better for you.


Fast charge for the convenience, slow charge life.

Apple lithium-ion battery using fast charge way, quickly reach 80% of the electricity, and then converted to a slower trickle charge. Depending on the setting and charging equipment, the time taken to fill the initial 80% of the charge will vary. This combination process not only allows you to bring equipment out faster, but also to extend the battery life.

Stage 1: Fast charge

Faster for you to charge more electricity.

Phase 2: trickle charge

Soak the current, thus extending battery life.

Make charging easier

You can always charge for Apple lithium-ion battery. Before charging, do not need 100% discharge. Apple lithium-ion battery to charge cycle mode work. If you use (discharge) to reach 100% of the battery capacity, you have completed a charge cycle, but not necessarily through a charge to complete. For example, you might use 75% of the electricity a day and then charge the device at night. If you use 25% of the electricity the next day, then the total discharge will reach 100%, so two days to complete a charge cycle. It may take several days to complete a charge cycle. After a certain amount of charge, any type of battery capacity will be reduced. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery will be slightly reduced with the completion of each charge cycle. Apple lithium-ion battery in the completion of many charging cycles, at least to maintain the original battery capacity of 80%, depending on the specific product.


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